Training Design, Development and Facilitation

Certifications and Train-the-Trainer

Certifications and Train-the-Trainer

Engagement and long-term performance improvement is achieved through our highly interactive experiential training workshops and our follow-up process.  Each workshop topic builds on the next and participants share personal experiences, successes and challenges for long-term results in consistent application.

Our process:

  • discovery meetings with leadership to understand the organizations' culture and specific goals.
  • one-on-ones  with team members to establish trust and buy-in by learning  their goals, expectations and perspectives
  • design and development of detailed, focused goal driven programs

Our programs help build cohesive teams, provide consistency in communication and cultivate the values and culture of your organization.

Certifications and Train-the-Trainer

Certifications and Train-the-Trainer

Certifications and Train-the-Trainer

 We certify professionals in our four core programs:   Cultivating Culture® , Leveraged Leadership® , Effective Exchanges®  and Sincere Service ™ .

Train-the-trainer helps participants increase confidence in their ability to train others.  Utilizing adult learning principles, creating experiential learning environments, motivates and engages participants to maximize application of learning.  

Training includes:

  • techniques to effectively read the audience and adapt to changing environments
  • design of openings and ice breakers that build trust, rapport and credibility, putting the focus on benefits to the participants
  • how to deliver with energy, enthusiasm and effective use of tone and body language
  • creating effective discussion questions 
  • dealing with challenging participants 
  • impactful closes and debriefs that include action plans

Process Improvement

Certifications and Train-the-Trainer

Contract Facilitation

We partner with you to assess and develop processes to improve efficiency and communication by:

  • department shadowing, observations and one-on-ones
  • design and implementation of department specific training
  • SOP development
  • design and implement performance management processes
  • interviewing process design and implementation
  • survey design
  • design and development of training manuals
  • new hire on-boarding orientation design

Contract Facilitation

Contract Facilitation

Contract Facilitation

We create an adult learning environment conducive to delivering content exactly as intended.   We spend time assimilating with management to fully understand the company culture and the goals of your programs. 

Our expertise and experience in facilitation enables us to adapt to diverse audiences and levels of experience and to the responses and changing needs of participants during workshops.  

Our fun and engaging facilitation style delivers memorable learning experiences and long-term sustainable results in performance improvement and transfer of learning into practice.

Speaking Engagements

Contract Facilitation

Speaking Engagements

We provide high energy, high impact and interactive presentations and workshops for:

Conferences and Conventions

Board Meetings

Monthly Team Meetings

Sales Conferences

Association Meetings

Lunch and Learns

Community Organizational Meetings

Professional Women's Groups

Chamber of Commerce Meetings

Trade Shows

Study Clubs

Non Profit Organizations



Anne Solomons, Founder & CEO

With over 25 years experience as a trainer, business coach and consultant, Anne has the ability to engage, inspire and motivate people through her use of universal principles that have relevancy for all levels of experience.  Her methodologies have enhanced performance, improved culture, communication, sales and service in a wide variety of industries, both nationally and internationally.

Anne is a keynote workshop facilitator at national meetings and conferences. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA) and participants in various Chamber of Commerces.

After 15 years with L’Oreal, consulting, designing and facilitating training programs, Anne created Touch Point Training Consultants to help companies inspire their people to grow their business by providing customized training programs in communication, culture, leadership, sales, customer service and team building.

Anne grew up in New York, lived and worked in the UK for almost a decade and currently resides in South Florida.  She has a passion for helping others achieve success and enjoys traveling and working with diverse cultures.


Claudia Lima - Portuguese Design and Facilitation

Claudia has been in the training and development industry since 2008 and facilitates our programs in Portuguese.  She is known for her dynamic, motivating and humorous speaking style.  Prior to corporate training, for over 15 years, Claudia was in education, teaching computer skills and evening adult education for middle school to college level students.  She earned both a Bachelor's degree in Arts and a Master's degree in Education in Brazil.  Her high level of energy creates a training environment that drives long-term utilization of new skills and behaviors.


Liliana Ballesteros - Spanish Design and Facilitation

Liliana has worked in training and human resources since 2008 and facilitates our programs in Spanish.  Her warm and motivating personality establishes an immediate rapport when facilitating and has a lasting impact on improving effectiveness and productivity.  Liliana's training experience includes time management, team building, stress management and job coaching.  She has also taught social skills, employability and life skills to students transitioning into the work force.  She is an active member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD).  Liliana's engaging and interactive approach provides a stimulating and creative learning experience.