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Team Building

Long term sustained success is predicated on the performance of the people within any organization. Working as a team is a vital component in this. Touch Point Training Consultants provides effective team building programs customized to meet the varying needs of each individual client. To ensure this success we offer training in the following areas:

Our customized team building programs include:

  • Building positive belief systems
  • Goal achievement, planning and implementation
  • Living the culture
  • Accountability/Taking ownership
  • Time management
  • Communicating through generational, gender, cultural and geographical differences.
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creating a complaint free positive environment

Licensed Customized Programs

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Managing Goal Achievement

Managing Goal Achievement® is a dynamic curriculum that increases productivity and achievement drive. Participants are introduced to a 5-step Goal Achievement System that helps them work through emotional barriers and limited belief systems that influence their achievement.

Goal Achievement Systemâ„¢

The 5-Step Goal Achievement Systemâ„¢ provides a simple process for setting and attaining goals.

The Goal Achievement Congruence Model

The Goal Achievement Congruence model identifies five dimensions that influence successful attainment of goals. When they are brought into congruence (alignment), limiting paradigms are expanded and new goals can be reached.



"We are working together resolving issues and following up.  I was able to explain facts and limitations and offer short and long-term solutions and now we are working together in partnership and my internal customer is happy."

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