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Sales Training/Customer Service

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The Effective Exchanges® workshop series provides lifetime communication skills that build stronger customer relationships and trust, leading to increased customer loyalty.

Effective Exchanges® builds self-confidence and develops a high performance sales and service culture.  The workshop series equips professionals with the tools to uncover customer needs, wants and challenges, the ability to provide relevant solutions and sell value.  The program consists of:

  • understanding communication style differences and how to adapt to communicate more effectively
  • a universal 4 step communication sales and service process (CARE Communication™) to provide consultative and value driven selling:a Sales Call Planning tool
    • establishing rapport prior to presenting product/service, idea and solution
    • understanding and uncovering customer needs through an in-depth discovery process
    • presenting solutions that meet the customer's identified needs, wants or challenges
    • a problem solving process to overcome objections
  • a Sales Call Planning tool
  • identifying and developing 6 success traits

During sessions, personal experiences, successes and challenges are shared, creating opportunities for discovery learning and collaboration.  


customer service testimonial

"The most important thing I learned is the understanding of people and their differences.  Because of Integrity Service, my co-workers and patients feel valued, we communicate better and solve problems together.  This program was life changing for me at work as well as in my personal life."

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