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Sales Training/Customer Service

Touch Point Training Consultants provides the tools to motivate your people to consistently deliver the same message, creating high performing sales teams delivering consistent growth and profitability for your organization. We provide long term sustainable results in performance improvement which is achieved through highly interactive and engaging training sessions utilizing discovery learning with reinforcement workshops.

Our customized sales training programs will:

  • Produce high performing sales teams delivering consistent growth and profitability.
  • Sell value versus price. Empower your team by giving them the tools to provide consultative and value driven selling.
  • Create a consistent communication process and sales language.
  • Build a high performance sales culture to create and sustain the right sales habits while maintaining exceptional service.
  • Complement the needs of a diverse group of professionals, with different levels of experience.
  • Provide a sales process that is suitable for all types and sizes of client.


Licensed Sales Training programs:

integrity logo

Integrity Selling

Integrity Selling® is an ongoing, needs-focused sales curriculum designed to help organizations develop more professional sales teams, strengthen client relationships, and decrease the high cost of turnover. The Integrity Selling curriculum embodies these elements:

  • Needs-focused selling system -- AID,Inc.®
  • Simple Behavior Styles® language
  • Eight-week structured follow-up Course
  • Self-leveling, self-customizing curriculum
  • Learning dynamics that impact attitudes and skills
  • Ongoing managers' coaching
  • 6 Performance Accelerator reinforcement sessions
  • Alternative Delivery Methods (e.g. web and teleconference)


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Genuine Sales builds the competence – skills and habits – that make every sales conversation count.

The Genuine Sales course teaches sellers a systematic approach to their conversation. Skills for collaborative conversations are developed to:

  • Wait and prepare effectively for a relevant, productive conversation
  • Initiate a collaborative conversation that focuses on Them (the buyer)
  • Investigate problems, opportunities, wants, and needs to discover and qualify the opportunity
  • Facilitate a collaborative matching of your solution to the buyer
  • Work through objections as a problem solver
  • Consolidate each conversation with a commitment to action or decision
  • Adapt a proven systematic framework for the conversation adapted to the buyer’s communication and customs (there is no one-size-fits all sales conversation)

By focusing on the competence (skills) and confidence (drivers) of selling success, Genuine Sales produces long-lasting increases in sales, engagement, and ROI.

test sales training

"The main benefit that I gained from Anne's sales training program is the interview process.  I use to jump into the demonstration without understanding my customers' needs first, it was just a product dump.  I now have learned to ask questions that show I care about helping my customer.  I am building stronger relationships, listening more and closing more sales."

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