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Other Programs

Understanding and Prevention of Workplace Harassment

This course will review and define workplace harassment and how to prevent it.  Participants will discuss how to avoid assumptions, and stereo types and how to deal with specific situations to create a safe and comfortable work environment.  The course includes:

  • understanding the company's culture and anti-harassment policy
  • defining and understanding unlawful harassment
  • discovering how to prevent workplace harassment
  • knowing and accepting personal responsibilities

It's About Time
This course will focus on minimizing stress and maximizing productivity through strategies to identify priorities, effectively manage time and achieve work/life balance.  Participants will:

  • identify time management obstacles and create strategies for removing them
  • understand the difference between urgent and important tasks to improve prioritization
  • develop ways to overcome procrastination
  • learn how and when to say no
  • identify the value and when to delegate
  • discover individual techniques based on personal style to improve organization and productivity
  • achieve higher levels of performance, goal achievement and reduced stress


Motivating Meetings
This workshop combines effective communication and time management with conducting and participating in effective meetings.  Topics include:

  • effectively planning and scheduling focusing on the timing, time frames and invitations to participants
  • creating effective agendas for various types of meetings, identifying objectives and desired outcomes that result in productive meetings
  • communicating objective and desired outcomes to all attendees
  • determining if the meeting is necessary or alternatively addressing issues outside a meeting
  • how to identify and invite only the necessary and appropriate people
  • how to lead and contribute in meetings for brainstorming, delivering information or gathering information
  • leading and scheduling topics to stay within the meeting's time limits
  • tracking responsibilities and creating follow-up for accountability

Worthwhile Writing

In today's busy world, people rarely take the time to fully read all they receive.  Writing in a clear, concise way increases readability, understanding and action.  Credibility is established through first impressions and writing is often our first impression.  When done well, it may not be noticeable, but when done incorrectly, it makes a lasting negative impression.  Participants will learn how to:

  • be concise and clear in writing
  • minimize the risk of misinterpretation
  • understand email etiquette
  • increase potential for quick response
  • maximize readability and impact
  • write professionally utilizing correct grammar


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