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Management / Leadership

The success of any organization is driven by its leadership.

True leaders inspire those around them to reach beyond their own belief boundaries to achieve more than they thought they could.

With effective leadership and staff development, teams reach new levels of cohesion and effectiveness which in turn contributes significantly to the overall success both short and long term of the organization.

An effective leader trusts and empowers team members to build on their own strengths and through a discovery learning process discover opportunities for development.

Our customized leadership programs include:

  • Defining Leadership
  • New Leader Assimilation
  • Creating your culture
  • Communicating through differences.
  • Accountability Empowerment
  • Facing problems face to face
  • Effective time management
  • Goal achievement, planning and implementation
  • Creating a positive, productive and profitable workplace
  • Leadership through coaching

Licensed Customize programs include:

integrity logo

Integrity Coaching

Integrity Coaching® is a developmental process that equips managers with practical concepts and tools to coach people for increased productivity and job satisfaction. Grounded in the belief that a manager's primary role is to build people, Integrity Coaching includes:

  • A simple 5-step coaching system
  • Exceptional manager training
  • An understanding of how to coach different Behavior Styles®
  • An eight-week follow-up course with accountability for application
  • An understanding of how to become a Quadrant 2 leader
  • A strategy for breaking the Law of Limited Performance
  • Personal growth and development modules


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Genuine Coaching builds the skills needed for leaders, managers, or front-line supervisors to coach individuals (called coachees) to higher levels of performance. Each interaction between a manager and an associate is an opportunity to build, break, or leave that associate the same. This course provides the skills to build the performance of your people.

Target Audience: Anyone responsible for helping the sales team succeed.

Genuine Coaching® will help you:

  • Increase Associate Engagement with a tested and proven collaborative approach to coaching that lets associates know they are valued and that they matter.
  • Ensure the Right People are in the Right Roles as coaches identify and understand what each associate’s goals are, what they aspire to, and their level of satisfaction in their current role.
  • Open Communication Channels as one-on-one conversations become the norm and fear is reduced when it comes to discussing performance.
  • Higher Productivity with more Effective Teamwork as coaches identify gaps in performance early and work with the associate to increase their productivity.

test management

“The main benefit I feel I gained from the course is a process and structure that I can replicate.  It’s given me a framework for an effective way to coach that will make an impact over the long term, as well as help with short term gains.  I know that I can listen and ask for commitments in a way that creates more of a partnership between my team and I.

I plan to continue to utilize and better the skills I have gained thus far.  I plan on seeking out coaching moments on a daily basis and continuing formal coaching sessions as well. “

 RS (Inside Sales Manager) – Learning A-Z


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