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Leveraged Leadership® builds a high performance service and leadership culture and improves team engagement, productivity, accountability and mutual trust.  The program equips employees at all levels with lifetime leadership skills utilizing a 4 step coaching process that influences and strengthens themselves and others both personally and professionally by:

  • understanding communication style differences and how to adapt to communicate more effectively
  • empowering others to solve problems and present possible solutions
  • building self-confidence and improving initiate through positive beliefs
  • improving overall quality of communication and accountability
  • aligning personal values with organizational and professional goals
  • learning and applying a universal 4 step communication process (CARE Communication™) to coach others to discover their own ideas and potential

This program provides an environment that develops a unified and cohesive leadership team.


test sales training

"The main benefit that I gained from Anne's sales training program is the interview process.  I use to jump into the demonstration without understanding my customers' needs first, it was just a product dump.  I now have learned to ask questions that show I care about helping my customer.  I am building stronger relationships, listening more and closing more sales."

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