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Customer Service

It is through customer service that any organization can truly define and separate itself from competitors. Customer service is a key component in any current and future success. It is a philosophy that must pervade every aspect of operations from identifying and valuing internal and external customers, through the sales process itself and then after sales service.

Our customized Customer Service programs include:

  • How to wow!!
  • Engaging your customers
  • You had me at hello
  • Problem solving
  • Growing your business through customer referral


Licensed customized programs:

integrity logo

Integrity Service

Integrity Service® is a comprehensive process designed to help people understand what it means to be customer-focused. Participants focus on the skills, attitudes, and automatic behaviors that must be developed to reach a common goal of becoming a customer-focused organization.

Key program components include:

  • Proven Customer Satisfaction System™
  • Simple Behavior Styles® language
  • Seven-week structured follow-up course
  • Reinforcement tools
  • Performance Accelerator sessions
  • Blended, online learning delivery alternative

Exceptional customer service requires more than knowledge. It also involves attitudes, values, and beliefs. The Integrity Service® program helps people evaluate their actions and behavior, and identify gaps—or incongruence—that cause conflict, stress, poor performance, and/or stifled productivity. When each of these dimensions are in congruence, achievement drive is released and new levels of loyalty, synergy and self-satisfaction result.


In addition to the Customer Satisfaction System™ and Behavior Styles®, all participants learn:

  • How their job impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • A four-step Problem Solving Formula
  • The critical impact of attitudes and work ethics
  • The power of team synergy when internal customers are valued
  • How to build positive self-beliefs and appreciation for the uniqueness of others

genuine service logo

Genuine Service™ provides the system and tools for customer-interacting professionals to succeed in providing a great customer experience as they troubleshoot, problem solve, and deliver outstanding service.

Target Audience:Associates who have customer contact and are not in sales.

Genuine Service® will help you:

  • Provide a Consistent Customer Experience with a proven and tested collaborative approach that keeps the focus where it belongs—on the customer.
  • Build Customer Loyalty and Retention by making every conversation focused on the customer to educate, resolve problems and keep them willing to return again and again.
  • Increase Associate Engagement as they realize the value they give to each customer and that they too are valued.

customer service testimonial

"The most important thing I learned is the understanding of people and their differences.  Because of Integrity Service, my co-workers and patients feel valued, we communicate better and solve problems together.  This program was life changing for me at work as well as in my personal life."

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