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The Cultivating Culture® workshop aligns individuals with the organization's vision, mission and values and drives a culture where accountability for mutual goals is viewed as empowering.  This workshop will:

  • clearly define what individuals are accountable for
  • identify road blocks and challenges in achieving company goals
  • create a commitment in taking personal ownership and responsibility, whether right or wrong, over making excuses or blaming

test management

“The main benefit I feel I gained from the course is a process and structure that I can replicate.  It’s given me a framework for an effective way to coach that will make an impact over the long term, as well as help with short term gains.  I know that I can listen and ask for commitments in a way that creates more of a partnership between my team and I.

I plan to continue to utilize and better the skills I have gained thus far.  I plan on seeking out coaching moments on a daily basis and continuing formal coaching sessions as well. “

 RS (Inside Sales Manager) – Learning A-Z


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