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What We Do

Training and Facilitating

Touch Point Training Consultants' primary focus is the facilitation of training programs.

Unlike many other companies the actual delivery of training is the final step in a comprehensive process.

We believe that in order to present an effective program it is important to really understand the goals of our client and customize the training to specifically meet those needs.

This is a multi step process  which involves in depth meetings with company leadership as well as employees at every level. This gives Touch Point Training Consultants the opportunity to understand the culture of the organization as well as its expectations from the program.

We will also learn how the client sees themselves now and in the future helping us to create a detailed, focused and goal driven program.

The facilitation of training itself is an interactive discovery learning process enabling participants to utilize their own invaluable knowledge and experience. This method will empower employees and invest them in the initiatives being introduced.

These habits will then form the basis of a new company culture creating successful outcomes with long term sustainable results.

Our program, whether of our own creation or licensed through a third party are always adapted to the exact needs of the client. Every industry, company and team are unique and every program needs to be the same.

Sales Training - Customer Service  - Management / Leadership Development - Team Buiding - Acountability - Change Management

Contract Training and Consulting

Touch Point Training Consultants offers a range of customized consulting services based on the needs, goals and expectations of each individual client.

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Speaking Engagements

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