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What We Do


Training Design and Facilitating

Touch Point Training Consultants partners with organizations to provide customized training design and facilitation. 

Our process begins with discovery meetings with leadership and team members to understand the organizations' culture and specific goals. We establish trust and buy-in by understanding the individual participants' goals, expectations and perspectives.  This enables us to create a detailed, focused and goal driven programs.

Engagement and long-term performance improvement is achieved through highly interactive experiential training workshops.  Interchangeable modules align with organizations' specific goals.  Follow-up sessions, where one topic builds on the next, and sharing personal experiences, successes and challenges provides long-term results in consistent application.

Our programs help build synergistic teams, provide consistency in communication and cultivate the values and culture of your organization.

Since every industry, company and team are unique, so are our programs.

Contract Training and Consulting

Touch Point Training Consultants offers a range of customized consulting services based on your individual needs, goals and expectations.

Some examples include:
- Contract facilitation - new or existing content
- New Hire Onboarding, orientation and training
- Training manual design and content
- Hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants) - service standards, department SOPs, training manuals and new store openings
- Employee survey design
- Performkance management design and implementation
- Interviewing and hiring process

Licensing and Certifications

Touch Point Training Consultants offers licensing and certifications on all programs.


Touch Point Training Consultants provide train-the-trainer training workshops whereby individuals identified to teach, mentor or train others attend training themselves first.  By attending training themselves, they become more confident in their abilities to train others.

Speaking Engagements

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